On Golden Pond

Summer has returned again to Golden Pond, and so has Norman Thayer, a retired professor, and his wife, Ethel, who are back for a 48 th  year at their idyllic summer cottage. In their golden years, the elderly couple provide a perfect contrast to each other: Though battling heart palpitations and a failing memory, Norman remains spirited and cantankerous while Ethel, 10 years his junior, delights in all the small things that have enriched and continue to color their long life together. As Norman approaches his 80th  birthday, they are visited by their estranged daughter, Chelsea, and her fiancé, who go off to Europe and leave his teenage son behind for the summer. The boy quickly becomes the “grandchild” the elderly couple have longed for, and as Norman revels in taking his ward fishing and thrusting good books at him, he also learns some lessons about modern teenage awareness in return. While their bond strengthens, intimations of mortality are in the air with a growing sense of urgency for Norman to make peace with his daughter. When she returns, Chelsea is married and her stepson has the relationship with her father that she always wanted. Will father and daughter be able to communicate at last?

Time Commitment

  • Rehearsals will be weekday evenings and Saturdays (Saturday times may vary) beginning in early January. No rehearsals will be scheduled on Wednesdays or Sundays.
  • Performances will run Thursdays through Saturdays from Feb 9 – Mar 6.

Role Auditions

  • Time:  Saturday, December 16th, 9:00am
  • Location: Medinah Baptist Church 900 Foster Ave, Medinah, Illinois
  • Callbacks (if needed):  Monday, December 18th, 7:00pm

Important Audition Material:

  • Please prepare a sixty- second monologue of your choosing.

  • Be prepared for cold readings from the script.

Character Descriptions:

*Cast members do not necessarily have to be the same ages as the characters are written, but they must be able to play these ages convincingly.

  • Norman Thayer, Jr. : (Age 80ish) - Norman is a retired college professor who describes himself as being “older than dirt.”, He is peppery and boyish, but at the same time, he is grand and carries himself properly. He is flirting with senility, but knows it, and he plays it to the hilt. He is set in his ways, and can be hard to get along with. He has a dry wit, and he enjoys having fun at others’ expense. He also uses his wit and intellect to mask his growing infirmities.

  • Ethel Thayer : Pre-Cast

  • Charlie Martin : (Age 40-50ish) - Likes to laugh, simple, but charming. Maine accent. The only character in this play who is a native of Golden Pond, Maine. He is close in age to Chelsea, Charlie has had a crush on Chelsea for many years. He is the mailman for Golden Pond, having taken over those duties from his uncle.

  • Chelsea Thayer Wayne : (Age 40-50ish) - The only child of Norman and Ethel. She has her father's humor, but is also the nervous type. Is attractive and athletic, and sometimes appears to be walking on eggshells. She has a difficult relationship with her parents.

  • Billy Ray Jr. : (Age 13) - Thirteen years old, but precocious and worldly for his age, Billy is intelligent, but suspicious and guarded. At this point in his life, he has not spent a lot of time with his father, or any male role model. Billy recognizes that he has been passed back and forth between his parents out of necessity, but has not really been “raised” by either of them.

  • Bill Ray Sr. : (Age 40-50ish) - Father to Billy Ray and fiancé of Chelsea. Successful and attractive, he has a good smile and tends to be on the serious side, but does have a good sense of humor when he remembers to use it. He works at being an intellectual and is a bit cautious in life. He has extra personality supplies, on reserve, just below the surface.

All audition information and/or dates are subject to change without notice.

Please note that as Overshadowed Theatrical Productions produces shows exclusively on a volunteer, recreational basis, all performers are unpaid.

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