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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers


Based upon the Academy Award-nominated 1954 film, this musical tells the story of the headstrong Adam Pontipee who comes to a small mountain town in search of a good wife. When he meets the headstrong Milly it will change his life – for better or for worse! Millie’s plan is to civilize and marry off her six rowdy brothers-in-law to ensure the success of her own marriage but it backfires when the brothers, in their enthusiasm, kidnap six women from a neighboring town to be their brides! Exuberant dancing, romance, and tons of fun make this classic show one of the greatest musicals of all time!


Saturday, May 12th from 9am - 12pm

Callbacks are May 15th


    900 Foster Ave

    Important Information:

    • Auditions are broken up in 60-minute time slots. You must sign up for a specific time by contacting Reba Hervas

    • Come in dance attire. You will learn and perform a dance.
    • Anyone auditioning for Adam or Milly should sing a song from Seven Brides. Others should sing a song of their choosing
    • Bring sheet music. An accompanist will be provided
    Character Descriptions
    Milly (20-30)  - Vocal range: G3-E5) A feisty, beautiful, frontier woman with a vibrant sense of humor. Strong-willed, smart, and unafraid to say how she feels. She falls in love with Adam.
    Adam (30-40) - Vocal range: B3-A5. The eldest of seven brothers. A tall and attractive hunk. Farmer and hunter. Vigorous, confident, charming. He falls in love with Milly.
    Alice (16-19) - Vocal range: A3-C5. Sweet but very naïve and not too bright. Very excitable and a hopeless romantic. Falls in love with Gideon.
    Gideon (18-21) - Vocal range: C4-G5. The youngest brother. Shy, sensitive, and deeply honest to a fault. Still rough around the edges like his brothers. Eventually falls in love with Alice.
    Dorcas (20-25)Vocal range: A3-C5. She is feisty. Works in her parents’ store and rebels against their overbearing nature. Pushes the dress code. Falls in love with Benjamin.
    Benjamin (25-35) - Vocal range: F5-C4. The second eldest and second in command. A driven leader who is as quick to being hot-tempered as he is to action. Falls in love with Dorcas.
    Ruth (20-25) - Vocal range: A3-C5. A buttoned-down teacher. Very practical with a sensuality underneath. A problem solver. The mother of the group of girls. Falls in love with Caleb.
    Caleb (20-30) - Vocal range: F5-C4. A brother. Solid and smart, he a hunter who is unaccustomed to women. The most levelheaded of the brothers. Falls in love with Ruth.
    Liza (18-21) - Vocal range: A3-C5. A homebody attached at the hip to Martha. She is very superstitious. Eventually falls in love with Daniel.
    Daniel (20-25) - Vocal range: C4-F5. A brother. He is rough-and-tumble, unkempt, and talkative. Falls in love with Liza.
    Martha (18-22) - Vocal range: A3-C5. A bit of a goody-two-shoes who does everything with Liza. She eventually falls in love with Ephraim.
    Ephraim (20-25) - Vocal range: C4-F5. A brother. Rough-and-tumble and unkempt. He is like a twin with Daniel, but less talkative. Falls in love with Martha.
    Sarah (15-20) - Vocal range: A3-C5. A gardener and “tomboy” raised in a family of boys. She has a fiery sense of exuberance. Falls in love with Frank.
    Frank (20-25) - Vocal range: C4-F5. A brother. He is a hot head who is always ready to erupt. Reluctant to do anything that might be classified as a sissy. The most rugged and “uncivilized” of all the brothers. Falls in love with Sarah.
    Suitors (20-40) - Vocal range: Tenor, Baritone, Bass. Jeb, Joel, Nathan, Luke, Matt, Zeke. All must dance.
    Town Leaders - Mr. Bixby, Mrs. Bixby, Preacher, Mr. Perkins, Mrs. Perkins

    All audition information and/or dates are subject to change without notice.


    Please note that as Overshadowed Theatrical Productions produces shows exclusively on a volunteer, recreational basis, all performers are unpaid.

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