I'll Be Seeing You!

November 24 - December 16, 2017

By Reba Hervas and Megan Schier

In December of 1941 lives of American citizens were forever changed when Pearl Harbor was attacked. All Americans rallied together to show support and USO canteens sprang into action. The lives of radio stars, entertainers, soldiers and the girl next door intertwine in Chicago. As the pages on the calendar turn, the music of the 40’s brings home to the front and the holiday spirit to each heart.

Alive with high-octane dance numbers, and dreamy ballads this original musical is one you don’t want to miss.


On Golden Pond

February 9 - March 3, 2018

By Ernest Thompson

Summer has returned again to Golden Pond, and so has Norman Thayer, a retired professor, and his wife, Ethel, who are back for a 48th year at their idyllic summer cottage. In their golden years, the elderly couple provide a perfect contrast to each other: Though battling heart palpitations and a failing memory, Norman remains spirited and cantankerous while Ethel, 10 years his junior, delights in all the small things that have enriched and continue to color their long life together. As Norman approaches his 80th birthday, they are visited by their estranged daughter, Chelsea, and her fiancé, who go off to Europe and leave his teenage son behind for the summer. The boy quickly becomes the “grandchild” the elderly couple have longed for, and as Norman revels in taking his ward fishing and thrusting good books at him, he also learns some lessons about modern teenage awareness in return. While their bond strengthens, intimations of mortality are in the air with a growing sense of urgency for Norman to make peace with his daughter. When she returns, Chelsea is married and her stepson has the relationship with her father that she always wanted. Will father and daughter be able to communicate at last?

The show runs approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Due to mature themes, this show is recommended for ages 14 years and older.


Sleeping Beauty

April 6 - 21, 2018

Adapted by Marc Robin from the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale

In a kingdom far away, the vengeful sorceress Magenta has placed a wicked curse on the beautiful Princess Amber and only a true love’s kiss can unlock the spell and wake her before it is too late. Prince Hunter must battle dragons, scale mountains, and sail the dark sea to save Princess Amber. Will his journey allow him to make it in time to prove his love to his Sleeping Beauty? This captivating fairy tale creates excitement and thrill for its audience as they root for Prince Hunter and the fate of the beautiful princess!

Filled with unconventional personalities, broken rules, and quests aplenty, this colorful, musical fairy tale is great for children of all ages!

Character Breakfast is April 21st at 8:45 am. Don’t miss out on a chance to enjoy breakfast with this beloved princess and her friends!


Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

July 13 – Aug 4, 2018

Based on the MGM film and The Sobbin’ Women by Stephen Vincent Benet

Music by Gene dePaul, Lyrics by Johnny Mercer, Book by Lawrence Kasha and David Landay, New Songs by Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn

A rollicking adventure, set in 1850s Oregon, bursting with rambunctious energy, fun and romance.  Milly, a new bride, attempts to civilize her husband Adam’s six slovenly brothers at their wilderness ranch. The enthusiastic brothers soon take matters in their own hands as boisterous fun turns into desire, by kidnapping gloriously beautiful, cultured women. A musical clash of wits and refinement begins! The tunes ring with Oregon, mountain fun….and oohhhh the dancing! Don’t miss this delightful wedding!

Alive with high-octane dance numbers, and dreamy ballads this original musical is one you don’t want to miss.


A Tale Of Two Cities

Sept 14 – Oct 6, 2018

Book, Music and Lyrics by Jill Santoriello

Based on the novel by Charles Dickens

“A Broadway must see! Everything is here to stir the soul—young love, purity, vengeance, villainy, valor—all played out against that historic revolution.” —The Connecticut Post

Two men in love with the same woman. Two cities swept up in revolution. One last chance for a man to redeem his wasted life and change the world. Based on Charles Dickens’ masterpiece, A Tale of Two Cities is a musical that focuses on the love triangle between young beauty Lucie Manette, French aristocrat Charles Darnay and drunken English cynic Sydney Carton - all caught in the clutches of the bloody French Revolution.

Nominated! 2009 Outer Critics Circle Awards, Outstanding New Broadway Musical

Appropriate for all ages and audiences, this classic story of love, revolution, and redemption is what the Associated Press called, “the return to the era of big blockbusters such as Les Miserables, Phantom, and Miss Saigon.

“A Tale of Two Cities the musical” (Broadway version) is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

Alive with high-octane dance numbers, and dreamy ballads this original musical is one you don’t want to miss.

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