A Powerful MessageĀ Through Quality Entertainment

The drama group of Overshadowed believes that the use of drama in ministry can be a powerful tool in communicating biblical truth in a unique and visual way. There are two programs available:

The Devotion Program
is approximately 45 mins long and is designed to use drama to minister to the entire church family during a regular service.
The Ministry Program
is approximately 45 mins long and uses special music and short drama presentations about the history of some of our well-known hymns to minister to the entire church family during a regular service.

Consider using one of these programs for a unique service or Christian school chapel. Booking requirements vary depending on travel, number of performances, and personnel required.

For more information call Reba Hervas at (630) 258-3293
or E-mail Overshadowed.


Devotion Program Options

A young married couple find that their dreams and desires are too different and are on the verge of divorce. The husband convinces the wife to meet him at a junkyard where they find treasures that once belonged to other people. As they pick each one of them up the story of who owned that treasure comes to life. Each story makes them realize that treasures are laid up in heaven not here on earth. Will they be able to forgive the past?

Minimum Cost: $600

Two sisters find an alabaster jar with a mysterious engraving on it. As they research it they discover that the writing means “Mary has chosen the better part.” As they search to find who Mary was and what the better part could be we meet Mary, Martha, Jesus and Lazarus.

Minimum Cost: $750

A true story of a man who escaped communist Romania. A story of conflict, faithfulness and the divine leading of God as Paul tries to run from him, but soon discovers he is running right into the arms of our faithful God.

Minimum Cost: $650

Four people each portraying four or more characters reenact the book or John. These characters tell about the miracles in John from their point of view. Touching, humorous and thought-provoking.

Minimum Cost: $600

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