Class: Breaking Down a Script


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**In Person and Indoors**

One of the most daunting tasks an actor is given is taking a script and breaking it down to understand the character and then embody that character. Without structure, an actor will be lost, left to wander about the pages, trying to come up with a way to figure out the part. The good news is, there’s a solution.

Join Jonathan Wessel as he takes you step by step through Meisner’s structured script breakdown, learning how to dissect the script with surgical precision and allow you to really get inside the character. You’ll learn about provocative phrases, key facts, the spine phrase, and many more elements that will bring you to a deep understanding of the character and allow you to align with their point of view.

Age: 12+
Date/Time: Monday, November 9th from 6-8 pm
Class Length: 1 evening only
Class Maximum: 10
Class Minimum: 6

Bring a Notebook and pen

Enrollment Deadline is November 2nd. No refunds after the first day of class. $50 cancellation fee after payment is made.

Important! After your purchase is complete, you will receive two confirmation/receipt emails. The first confirms your order. The second contains a Student Registration form that must be filled out prior to the start of class giving basic information about the student.